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For 75 years BUCHI is a leading solution provider in laboratory technology for R & D, quality control and production worldwide.
We serve a wide range of industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food & beverage, feed, environmental analysis and academia.

Solutions for numerous applications

Our solutions for laboratory, industrial and parallel evaporation, spray drying, Freeze Drying, melting point, preparative chromatography, extraction, distillation & digestion, dumas and near infrared spectroscopy meet the highest needs of our demanding customers around the globe.

Freeze Drying in the laboratory

Solutions from the market leader in lab evaporation

As the market leader in laboratory evaporation, BUCHI offers the first laboratory Freeze Dryer with Infinite-Technology™ and Infinite-Control™. Applications range from research and development to quality control within a broad spectrum of market segments. Our BUCHI solutions stand out by their efficiency and practical capability.
  • Lyovapor™ L-300
With Infinite-Technology™ the Lyovapor™ L-300 offers continuous sublimation for the first time with two alternately working and automatically hygienically cleansed condensers at -105 °C. In addition, Infinite-Control™ allows entire process control of all relevant parameters, also via mobile devices.


Lyovapor™ L-200

Lyovapor™ L-200

The compact Lyovapor™ L-200 offers high-quality Freeze Drying (-55 °C, 6 kg) with a high level of automation. Infinite-Control™ includes easy method creation, method running, data logging, chart recording in real-time and interruption if needed from anywhere at anytime.

Lyovapor™ Software

Lyovapor™ Software

The Lyovapor™ Software provides Infinite-Control™ for the Lyovapor™ L-200 and Lyovapor™ L-300. For the first time in Freeze Drying, Quick-Design offers a fast way of programming and starting methods. Furthermore, real-time process tracking and customizable reportings are included.

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