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Sieve Shaker / Grindill Mill

FILTRA VIBRACION, S.L., is proud to be in the market since 1988, developing and manufacturing laboratory and industrial process equipment for the sieving of solids and liquids and for the mixing and milling of solids. Another production line is the industrial filters made-to-measure according to customer specifications.
FILTRA offers high quality products at very competitive prices. All products strictly comply with national and international manufacturing standards, subjected to rigorous quality control and being delivered with an EC Declaration of compliance. The FILTRA quality management system for sieve manufacture is certified by TÜV NORD.
Compact and light electromagnetic sieve shaker. Its three-dimensional motion throughout the sieve column makes it extremely effective when performing particle separation Granulometric tests, both dry and wet.
Manufactured with a rilsanized carbon steel body, it features a digital panel with power regulation, sieving time control and adjustments to enable continuous or intermittent sieving.
The sieve fastening system comprised of two threaded rods fitted with Bakelite tightening knobs and methacrylate lid.
All the sieve shakers are equipped with an anti-vibration system which, together with the anchoring system, ensures complete stability during the sieving.
Depending on the model, it is possible to choose between the standard fixation system, and the “Easy-Press” rapid fixation system. The methacrylate lid makes observing the product during the sieving process easy.
All equipment is subjected to strict quality control, which guarantees years and years of problem-free use.  
FILTRA manufacture two different models of laboratory Grinding Hammer Mills, in order to cover the different customer needs: ARES FML-0100 is a small and economical one for milling small quantities of product and ARES FML-2000 with the double of capacity for biggest quantities of product or biggest articles.
They are used to grind a wide variety of soft, semi-hard and hard materials, such us, cereals, spices, vegetables, plastics, resins, minerals, earth, stone, coal, etc. with a particle feed size of +/- 15 mm in FML-0100 and of +/- 20mm in FML-2000.
The feeding is supplied by a hopper located at the top and can be dosed manually using a chopper. The door has a quick locking with a safety micro-sensor which stops the rotation of the hammers when it’s opened.
Both the front and loading hopper are manufactured from mirror-polished AISI 304 stainless steel. In the interior the 3 hammers are made from anti-wear AISI 410 stainless steel. The equipment includes an easily interchangeable sieve with round perforations.
In ARES FML-2000 model, plus the sieve, the blades and the toothed crown are also interchangeable, and can be easily removed for cleaning without using any key. This model incorporates a potentiometer to regulate the engine speed.
Please contact us  for any enquires and quotation request about FILTRA Sieve Shaker and Grindill Mill.

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